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Clients List

Audi/Volkswagen Cars

American Express


Batesville Casket

Better Business Bureau

Bluxome Street Winery

Cadaco toys

Cary’s maple syrup (Borden)

Cercone Brown and Company

Children’s Hospital Of The King’s Daughters

Citizens Gas

Cremora Lite (Borden)


CompuServe computer services

Elmers Glue (Borden)


Fruit of the Loom (Union Underwear)

General Motors

Gold Label beer

Goodyear Tires


Indiana Lottery

Indiana State Fairgrounds

Kahn’s & Hillshire Farm meats

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Kenner Parker Toys

Kings Island amusement park

Kraft Foods

Levi Strauss Jeans

Little Crow Foods

Lending Club

L.L. Bean

Maryview Hospital

McQuicks Oillube Inc.

Methodist Hospital

Network Health

Oxygen Media

Rain Dance car care products (Borden)

Rally’s Hamburgers

Robinsons Jams and Jellies

Springstone Financial

Star Bank

Take 3 Minutes

The Plaza Hotel

The Virginia Stage Company

United Dairy Farmers

United Commercial Travelers

Virginia Beach General Hospital

Virginia Beach Federal Savings & Loan

Walt Disney World Resorts

White Rock Beverage Co

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