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"Alexis is an amazing talent. She shoots out big ideas quickly and straight from the hip. You have to see it to believe it."


Andrew Smiles, Design Director, Partner, Tank Design inc

Client: Network Health

I have helped developed multiple acquisition campaigns for Network Health. In each case, I have been asked by the client to work in partnership with their agency of record at the time. For me this is always a welcome opportunity — the chance to partner with some truly talented creative people.


Working with Shapiro Consulting I leveraged the client’s relationship with Telamundo TV station to develop both radio and TV spots in English and Spanish (using a translation service). In both cases, I maximized the client’s budget by using their own employees and a local Hispanic TV personality as the talent.


For another campaign, "We've got you covered" I partnered with the design group Tank to develop the overall campaign theme, in addition to TV and radio. Again, I maximized the client’s budget by using stock video clips and their own employees as the voice talent for TV and radio.

Network Health campaign 2

Writer/Producer: Alexis Corneille

Writer: Lisa Kolgraf

Network Health campaign 1

Writer/Producer: Alexis Corneille

These radio spots where recorded using Network Health employees in place of actors.


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